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I just wanted to say how great your presentation was. It was smooth, efficient and knowledgeable - and you have that knack of being able to explain complicated stuff to non-scientists.”

A delegate commenting on a recent drug discovery webinar



The COVID-19 pandemic has brought online communication (via Zoom and other platforms) to the fore. PharmaGuide has delivered drug discovery and presentation skills courses online in this way throughout the restrictions on face-to-face meetings and may continue to do so if requested.

We have run webinars for several years prior to the pandemic, for example to 

employees of CLS Communication and Switzerland Global Enterprise.

Webinars have also been marketed by third parties: eCPD webinars (now part of CIOL) for example has run the drug discovery course as part of their professional development offerings to technical translators and interpreters. They have also hosted PharmaGuide’s bespoke webinars on chemistry, biotechnology and immunology.

If you are associated with the biopharmaceutical industry or are a translator/interpreter looking for subject matter courses, please get in touch via the Contact Us page.